Western North Carolina Dulcimer Collective

Newsletters - 2002-Current
  Song/Tune Titles   Year - Qtr  
 Den Signade Dag / The Johnson Boys / Roll on the Ground / Sugar Hill 2017 4th Qtr 
 Aura Lee / The Cruel War / Married to a Mermaid 2017 3rd Qtr 
 Banks of the Ohio / Cryderville Jail / What Grace, O Lord, and Beauty Shone 2017 2nd Qtr 
 All in a Garden Green / The Dawning of the Day / Reel of Tullochgorum 2017 1st Qtr 
 Cumberland Gap / Rattlesnake / Red Light Saloon / Sir Donkey 2016 4th Qtr 
 Huntsman's Chorus / Now Nature Hangs Her Mantle Green / Railroad Bill 2016 3rd Qtr 
 Butter'd Pease / Little Dutch Girl / The Texas Rangers 2016 2nd Qtr 
 I Wonder When I Shall Be Married / Michael Turner's Waltz / Svetit Svetel Mesyats/The Young Moon is Rising 2016 1st Qtr 
 Been To The East, Been To The West / Billy Barlow / Lova Lova Line / Tu Scendi Dalle Stelle 2015 4th Qtr 
 Goin' Down The Road Feelin' Bad / Oh, No, John / Omie Wise 2015 3rd Qtr 
 Antrim Hills / O God Beneath Thy Guiding Hand / Patrick Spenser 2015 2nd Qtr 
 Branle De Bourgogne / Johnny Todd / Johnson's Motor Car 2015 1st Qtr 
 Cosher Bailey's Engine / From Night Till Morn / The Holly Bears A Berry / Salty Dog 2014 4th Qtr 
 Brown Eyes / Lydia Pinkham / Nkosi Sikelel' iAfrika 2014 3rd Qtr 
 Oh, How Lovely Is The Evening / Pay Me My Money Down / Poor Howard's Dead and Gone 2014 2nd Qtr 
 As The Sun Doth Daily Rise / Dives and Lazarus / When You Go A-Courtin 2014 1st Qtr 
 Ah! Si Mon Moine Voulait Danser / Barbara Allen / The Dreidel Song / Suomi 2013 4th Qtr 
 The Celebrated Trumpet Tune / Engine 143 / Mallebrok 2013 3rd Qtr 
 Colonel Baird / The Factory Girl / One More River 2013 2nd Qtr 
 Chairs to Mend / Great Big Taters in Sandy Land / This Is My Father's World 2013 1st Qtr 
 Do, Do, Pity My Case / Jesus Borned in Bethlea / Juba This and Juba That / Walk Along, John 2012 4th Qtr 
 I'm Going to Georgia / Maggots in the Sheep Hide / The Snouts and Ears of America 2012 3rd Qtr 
 Buck Eyed Jim / Un Kilomètre à Pied / You Don't Want To Love Me 2012 2nd Qtr 
 A La Claire Fontaine / Feed Her Candy And Tell Her Lies - Complete / Feed Her Candy And Tell Her Lies - Simplified / Tell Poor Lou I'm Gone 2012 1st Qtr 
 The Deceivèd Girl / Love Came Down at Christmas / Mohee / Sailing in the Boat 2011 4th Qtr 
 Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing / Little Bird, Little Bird / Old Molly Hare 2011 3rd Qtr 
 Bjørnen Sover / En Passant par la Lorraine / Señora Santana 2011 2nd Qtr 
 Fa la nana, bambin / Gute Nacht / The Vicar of Bray 2011 1st Qtr 
 How Are Thy Servants Blest, O Lord / Sailor On The Sea / Song Before Christmas / Squid-Jigging Ground 2010 4th Qtr 
 Little Sir Hugh / The Old Woman and the Little Pig / What's Little Babies Made Of 2010 3rd Qtr 
 The Black Ball Line / Once I Loved a Maiden Fair / Over In The Meadow 2010 2nd Qtr 
 Le Carillon de Vendome / J'avais un Camarade / J'avais un Camarade - Fingerpicked / Paul's Little Hen 2010 1st Qtr 
 Barney and Katey / The Farmer's Curst Wife / Hold the Fort / Ma'oz Tzur 2009 4th Qtr 
 The Deacon's Daughter / Fais Dodo / Root Hog Or Die 2009 3rd Qtr 
 Cole Younger / How Lovely is Thy Dwelling Place / Samiotisa 2009 2nd Qtr 
 Holy Spirit, Truth Divine / Kathleen O'Moore / Lavender's Blue 2009 1st Qtr 
 Delia / Mister Rabbit / O For A Thousand Tongues / Sheep Fast Asleep 2008 4th Qtr 
 Abide With Us, O Lord / Gaily The Troubadour / Ring, Ring The Banjo 2008 3rd Qtr 
 The Hobbies / I'm Just A Rebel Soldier / Shoot the Buffalo 2008 2nd Qtr 
 Boulavogue / Jam on Gerry's Rocks / Oxen Song 2008 1st Qtr 
 Christmas Song / Moonshine / Tommy / Young Prince Of Spain 2007 4th Qtr 
 Castle by the Sea (NH) / Santy / The Speckled Fish 2007 3rd Qtr 
 The Haymakers / The Keys of Heaven / The Tenderfoot 2007 2nd Qtr 
 Blow, Boys, Blow / I'll Remember You, Love, In My Prayers / Sally, Let Your Bangs Hang Down 2007 1st Qtr 
 Castle by the Sea (Spain) / Christmas Eve / Little Gobbelin / Sunny Italy 2006 4th Qtr 
 Drunkard's Hell / Four In The Middle / Somebody's Tall and Handsome 2006 3rd Qtr 
 Farther Along / Lord Lovel / 'Round The Bay Of Mexico 2006 2nd Qtr 
 Cotton Mill Girls / The Two Sisters / The Ulster Blossom 2006 1st Qtr 
 Ay, Ay, Ay / Christmas Is Coming / John Peel / Robin Hood and Little John 2005 4th Qtr 
 By The Silvery Rio Grande / Ha Na Boddachin / Walkin' in the Parlor 2005 3rd Qtr 
 Crow-Fish Man / Reuben Ranzo / Scraping Up Sand at the Bottom of the Sea 2005 2nd Qtr 
 Father Halperin's Top Coat / Los Cuatro Generales / The Willow Tree 2005 1st Qtr 
 Early One Morning / Putting On The Style / The Unquiet Grave / When Christmas Morn Is Dawning 2004 4th Qtr 
 Duérmete Niño Lindo / Lowe Bonnie / My Love Is A Rider 2004 3rd Qtr 
 Don't You Weep After Me / Du, Du, Liegst Mir Im Herzen / Mary Hamilton 2004 2nd Qtr 
 The Old Man and the Door / William Taylor / Young Charlotte 2004 1st Qtr 
 Arrú Niño / Blind Mary / Drifting Too Far From The Shore / It Rained a Mist 2003 4th Qtr 
 Beware, Oh, Take Care / Hey, Lolly, Lolly / I've Got No Use for Women 2003 3rd Qtr 
 Angeline The Baker / Hopalong Peter / Maypole Dance 2003 2nd Qtr 
 Go To Sleepy / Riding In The Buggy, Miss Mary Jane / What Did You Have For Your Supper? (Jimmy Randall, My Son) 2003 1st Qtr 
 All The Good Times / Buffalo Boy / The Holly and The Ivy / The Jealous Lover 2002 4th Qtr 
 Las Mañanitas del Rey David / Morning Comes Early / Morning Has Broken / A Morning Song 2002 3rd Qtr 
 The Leaving of Liverpool / The Quaker's Courtship / Queensland Matilda 2002 2nd Qtr