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  Song Title Lyrics MP3 Recordings Quarter  
 A La Claire FontaineLyricsMelodyStrummedPicked1/2012 
 Abide With Us, O LordLyricsMelodyStrummedPicked3/2008 
 Ah! Si Mon Moine Voulait DanserLyricsMelodyStrummedFast4/2013 
 All in a Garden GreenLyricsMelodyStrummedPicked1/2017 
 All The Good TimesLyricsMelodyStrummedPicked4/2002 
 Amazing GraceLyricsMelodyStrummedPicked3/1994 
 Amser / Time MelodyStrummedPicked3/1992 
 Angeline The Baker MelodyStrummed 2/2003 
 Annie Went Down To The Cabbage PatchLyricsMelodyStrummed 4/2001 
 Antrim Hills MelodyStrummed 2/2015 
 Around Her Neck She Wore A Yellow Ribbon - D-A-AALyricsMelodyStrummed 2/1998 
 Around Her Neck She Wore A Yellow Ribbon - D-A-ddLyricsMelodyStrummed 2/1998 
 Arrú NiñoLyricsMelodyStrummedPicked4/2003 
 As The Sun Doth Daily RiseLyricsMelodyStrummedPicked1/2014 
 The Atholl GatheringLyricsMelodyStrummed 3/1993 
 Aura LeeLyricsMelodyStrummedPicked3/2017 
 Away to RioLyricsMelodyStrummedPicked1/1992 
 Ay, Ay, AyLyricsMelodyStrummedPicked4/2005 
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  Song Title Lyrics MP3 Recordings Quarter  
 The Baliff's Daughter of IslingtonLyricsMelodyStrummedPicked3/1998 
 The Banks of Allan MelodyStrummed 1/2002 
 Banks of the OhioLyricsMelodyStrummedPicked2/2017 
 The Banks of the SacramentoLyricsMelodyStrummed 4/1995 
 Barbara AllenLyricsMelodyStrummedFast4/2013 
 Barney and KateyLyricsMelodyStrummedPicked4/2009 
 Be Still My Soul / Finlandia MelodyStrummed 4/1993 
 Beautiful Brown EyesLyricsMelodyStrummedPicked1/2018 
 Been To The East, Been To The WestLyricsMelodyStrummedFast4/2015 
 The BeggarLyricsMelodyStrummed 2/1999 
 The Berwick Jockey MelodyStrummed 1/1995 
 Beware, Oh, Take Care MelodyStrummedPicked3/2003 
 Billy BarlowLyricsMelodyStrummedPicked4/2015 
 Bjørnen Sover MelodyStrummed 2/2011 
 The Black Ball LineLyricsMelodyStrummed 2/2010 
 Black Mountain Rag MelodyStrummed 1/2001 
 Blind Mary MelodyStrummedPicked4/2003 
 Blow, Boys, BlowLyricsMelodyStrummedPicked1/2007 
 The Bold PeddlerLyricsMelodyStrummedPicked1/1999 
 Bold RileyLyricsMelodyStrummedPicked1/1999 
 BoneyLyricsMelodyStrummed 2/1999 
 Brady - D-A-AALyricsMelodyStrummed 1/1993 
 Brady - D-A-ddLyricsMelodyStrummed 1/1993 
 Branle De Bourgogne MelodyStrummedFast1/2015 
 Brown EyesLyricsMelodyStrummedPicked3/2014 
 Buck Eyed JimLyricsMelodyStrummed 2/2012 
 Buffalo BoyLyricsMelodyStrummed 4/2002 
 Butter'd Pease MelodyStrummed 2/2016 
 By The Silvery Rio GrandeLyricsMelodyStrummed 3/2005 
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  Song Title Lyrics MP3 Recordings Quarter  
 Un Canadien Errant MelodyStrummedPicked3/1992 
 Careless LoveLyricsMelodyStrummedPicked2/1991 
 Le Carillon de VendomeLyricsMelodyStrummedPicked1/2010 
 Carol Of The HayLyricsMelodyStrummedPicked4/1998 
 Castle by the Sea (NH)LyricsMelodyStrummedPicked3/2007 
 Castle by the Sea (Spain) MelodyStrummedPicked4/2006 
 The Celebrated Trumpet Tune MelodyStrummedPicked3/2013 
 Chairs to MendLyricsMelodyStrummedPicked1/2013 
 Christmas Eve MelodyStrummedPicked4/2006 
 Christmas Is ComingLyricsMelodyStrummed 4/2005 
 Christmas Song MelodyStrummed 4/2007 
 Cold Is The MorningLyricsMelodyStrummed 4/1996 
 Cole YoungerLyricsMelodyStrummed 2/2009 
 Coleman's March MelodyStrummedPicked4/1993 
 Colonel Baird MelodyStrummedFast2/2013 
 Come Here, LordLyricsMelodyStrummed 4/2000 
 Come, Let Us Be Joyful MelodyStrummed 1/1991 
 Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing    Pretty hymnLyricsMelodyStrummedPicked3/2011 
 Common BillLyricsMelodyStrummedPicked4/1995 
 El Coquito / Little Tree Toad MelodyStrummed 1/1998 
 Cosher Bailey's EngineLyricsMelodyStrummedPicked4/2014 
 Cotton Mill GirlsLyricsMelodyStrummed 1/2006 
 Cripple CreekLyricsMelodyStrummed 2/1997 
 Crow-Fish Man MelodyStrummed 2/2005 
 The Cruel WarLyricsMelodyStrummedPicked3/2017 
 Cryderville JailLyricsMelodyStrummedPicked2/2017 
 Cumberland GapLyricsMelodyStrummedPicked4/2016 
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  Song Title Lyrics MP3 Recordings Quarter  
 The Dawning of the DayLyricsMelodyStrummedPicked1/2017 
 The Deacon's DaughterLyricsMelodyStrummedPicked3/2009 
 The Deceivèd GirlLyricsMelodyStrummedPicked4/2011 
 DeliaLyricsMelodyStrummed 4/2008 
 Den Signade DagLyricsMelodyStrummedPicked4/2017 
 Didn't I Dance (copyrighted)    1/1992 
 Dives and LazarusLyricsMelodyStrummedPicked1/2014 
 Do, Do, Pity My CaseLyricsMelodyStrummedPicked4/2012 
 Donkey RidingLyricsMelodyStrummedPicked4/1991 
 Don't You Weep After MeLyricsMelodyStrummed 2/2004 
 The DreadnoughtLyricsMelodyStrummed 3/1998 
 The Dreidel SongLyricsMelodyStrummedFast4/2013 
 Drifting Too Far From The ShoreLyricsMelodyStrummedPicked4/2003 
 Drink To Me Only With Thine EyesLyricsMelodyStrummedPicked4/1999 
 Drunkard's HellLyricsMelodyStrummed 3/2006 
 Du, Du, Liegst Mir Im HerzenLyricsMelodyStrummedPicked2/2004 
 Duck Of The Meadow MelodyStrummed 1/1991 
 Duérmete Niño LindoLyricsMelodyStrummedPicked3/2004 
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  Song Title Lyrics MP3 Recordings Quarter  
 The Eagle's Whistle MelodyStrummedPicked3/1992 
 Early One MorningLyricsMelodyStrummed 4/2004 
 East VirginiaLyricsMelodyStrummed 2/1993 
 En Passant par la LorraineLyricsMelodyStrummed 2/2011 
 Engine 143LyricsMelodyStrummedPicked3/2013 
 English Country Garden MelodyStrummed 1/1992 
 Er Is Een Kindeke Geboren Op Aard' MelodyStrummedPicked4/1997 
 Everybody Loves Saturday NightLyricsMelodyStrummed 3/1997 
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  Song Title Lyrics MP3 Recordings Quarter  
 Fa la nana, bambinLyricsMelodyStrummedPicked1/2011 
 The Factory GirlLyricsMelodyStrummedPicked2/2013 
 Fair and Tender LadiesLyricsMelodyStrummedPicked1/2000 
 Fais DodoLyricsMelodyStrummedPicked3/2009 
 Fare Thee WellLyricsMelodyStrummedPicked1/2018 
 The Farmer's Curst WifeLyricsMelodyStrummed 4/2009 
 Farther AlongLyricsMelodyStrummedPicked2/2006 
 Father, Father MelodyStrummed 1/1990 
 Father Halperin's Top Coat MelodyStrummed 1/2005 
 Feed Her Candy And Tell Her Lies - Complete MelodyStrummedFast1/2012 
 Feed Her Candy And Tell Her Lies - Simplified MelodyStrummedFast1/2012 
 Finlandia / Be Still My Soul MelodyStrummedPicked4/1993 
 Fire Down BelowLyricsMelodyStrummed 3/2001 
 The First Noel MelodyStrummed 4/1992 
 Four In The MiddleLyricsMelodyStrummed 3/2006 
 The Four MarysLyricsMelodyStrummedPicked1/1994 
 From Night Till Morn    Fun fast tune MelodyStrummedFast4/2014 
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  Song Title Lyrics MP3 Recordings Quarter  
 Gaily The TroubadourLyricsMelodyStrummed 3/2008 
 Generous Woman MelodyStrummedPicked3/2000 
 George CollinsLyricsMelodyStrummedPicked1/1995 
 Go To SleepyLyricsMelodyStrummedPicked1/2003 
 Goin' Down The Road Feelin' BadLyricsMelodyStrummedPicked3/2015 
 Going Home MelodyStrummedPicked4/1993 
 Good Morning, Mr. RailroadmanLyricsMelodyStrummed 1/1993 
 Goodbye, BrotherLyricsMelodyStrummed 1/1996 
 Goodbye, Old PaintLyricsMelodyStrummed 2/1992 
 Great Big Taters in Sandy Land MelodyStrummedFast1/2013 
 Great GrandadLyricsMelodyStrummed 1/1990 
 Green Broom MelodyStrummed 3/1995 
 Grimstock MelodyStrummed 3/1998 
 Gute NachtLyricsMelodyStrummedPicked1/2011 
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  Song Title Lyrics MP3 Recordings Quarter  
 Ha Na Boddachin MelodyStrummedPicked3/2005 
 Hallelujah, I'm A Bum!LyricsMelodyStrummed 4/1992 
 Hangman, Slack On The LineLyricsMelodyStrummedPicked2/1992 
 Happy Christmas Comes Once MoreLyricsMelodyStrummedPicked4/2000 
 Hard, Ain't It HardLyricsMelodyStrummed 3/1997 
 Hard TimesLyricsMelodyStrummedPicked1/1999 
 The Haymakers MelodyStrummed 2/2007 
 Hector, The Hero    My favorite!  Strummed   
 HeeiaLyricsMelodyStrummed 4/2001 
 He's Aye Kissing Me MelodyStrummed 3/1996 
 Hey, Lolly, Lolly MelodyStrummed 3/2003 
 The HobbiesLyricsMelodyStrummed 2/2008 
 Hold the FortLyricsMelodyStrummed 4/2009 
 The Holly and The Ivy MelodyStrummedPicked4/2002 
 The Holly Bears A BerryLyricsMelodyStrummedPicked4/2014 
 Holy Spirit, Truth DivineLyricsMelodyStrummedPicked1/2009 
 The Homespun DressLyricsMelodyStrummed 2/1998 
 Hop Light, Ladies MelodyStrummed 1/1990 
 Hopalong Peter MelodyStrummed 2/2003 
 Hopping John MelodyStrummed 1/2001 
 How Are Thy Servants Blest, O LordLyricsMelodyStrummedPicked4/2010 
 How Lovely is Thy Dwelling PlaceLyricsMelodyStrummedPicked2/2009 
 Huntsman's Chorus    Fun fast tune MelodyStrummedFast3/2016 
 Hush, Little BabyLyricsMelodyStrummedPicked2/1992 
 Huzza For LibertyLyricsMelodyStrummed 4/1999 
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  Song Title Lyrics MP3 Recordings Quarter  
 I Know Where I'm GoingLyricsMelodyStrummedPicked1/1994 
 I Never Will MarryLyricsMelodyStrummedPicked1/1995 
 I Wonder When I Shall Be MarriedLyricsMelodyStrummed 1/2016 
 If, On A Quiet SeaLyricsMelodyStrummedPicked3/1995 
 I'll Remember You, Love, In My Prayers MelodyStrummed 1/2007 
 I'm Going to GeorgiaLyricsMelodyStrummed 3/2012 
 I'm Just A Rebel SoldierLyricsMelodyStrummedPicked2/2008 
 I'm Nine Hundred Miles From My HomeLyricsMelodyStrummed 1/1996 
 In Aimsir... / At Hay Cutting Time (copyrighted)    4/1994 
 In Forest and MeadowLyricsMelodyStrummed 2/1996 
 In The Bleak Midwinter MelodyStrummedPicked4/1994 
 In The PineLyricsMelodyStrummed 4/1999 
 In The SmithyLyricsMelodyStrummed 3/1999 
 Infant HolyLyricsMelodyStrummedPicked4/1993 
 It Rained a MistLyricsMelodyStrummedPicked4/2003 
 I've Got No Use for Women MelodyStrummed 3/2003 
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  Song Title Lyrics MP3 Recordings Quarter  
 Jacob's Ladder MelodyStrummedPicked3/1991 
 Jam on Gerry's RocksLyricsMelodyStrummedPicked1/2008 
 Jasmine Flower MelodyStrummed 1/1998 
 J'avais un CamaradeLyricsMelodyStrummedPicked1/2010 
 J'avais un Camarade - FingerpickedLyrics  Picked1/2010 
 The Jealous LoverLyricsMelodyStrummedPicked4/2002 
 Jesus Borned in BethleaLyricsMelodyStrummedPicked4/2012 
 Jim Along JosieLyricsMelodyStrummed 4/1998 
 John PeelLyricsMelodyStrummedPicked4/2005 
 Johnny ToddLyricsMelodyStrummedPicked1/2015 
 The Johnson BoysLyricsMelodyStrummedFast4/2017 
 Johnson's Motor CarLyricsMelodyStrummedPicked1/2015 
 Juba This and Juba That    Fun easy tuneLyricsMelodyStrummedFast4/2012 
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  Song Title Lyrics MP3 Recordings Quarter  
 Kathleen O'MooreLyricsMelodyStrummedPicked1/2009 
 The Keys of HeavenLyricsMelodyStrummedPicked2/2007 
 Kind MissLyricsMelodyStrummed 3/1997 
 Kind Sir MelodyStrummedPicked2/1990 
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  Song Title Lyrics MP3 Recordings Quarter  
 Lavender's BlueLyricsMelodyStrummedPicked1/2009 
 The Leaving of LiverpoolLyricsMelodyStrummedPicked2/2002 
 Lee County Two-Step MelodyStrummed 3/1993 
 Limerick Waltz MelodyStrummed 4/1997 
 Little Bird, Little BirdLyricsMelodyStrummedPicked3/2011 
 Little Dutch Girl    Fun fast tune MelodyStrummedFast2/2016 
 Little Gobbelin MelodyStrummed 4/2006 
 Little Rosewood CasketLyricsMelodyStrummed 2/1994 
 Little Sir HughLyricsMelodyStrummed 3/2010 
 Little Tree Toad / El Coquito MelodyStrummed 1/1998 
 Liza JaneLyricsMelodyStrummed 4/1992 
 Lonesome CowboyLyricsMelodyStrummed 1/1993 
 Long, Long Ago MelodyStrummedPicked4/1998 
 Look Mister CuckooLyricsMelodyStrummedPicked2/1994 
 Lord LovelLyricsMelodyStrummedPicked2/2006 
 Lord Thomas of WinesberryLyricsMelodyStrummedPicked3/2000 
 Los Cuatro GeneralesLyricsMelodyStrummedPicked1/2005 
 Lova Lova LineLyricsMelodyStrummedPicked4/2015 
 Love Came Down at ChristmasLyricsMelodyStrummedPicked4/2011 
 Love is Little MelodyStrummedPicked4/2000 
 Lovely MoonLyricsMelodyStrummedPicked2/1994 
 Lover's CuckooLyricsMelodyStrummedPicked1/1994 
 Lowe BonnieLyricsMelodyStrummedPicked3/2004 
 Lydia PinkhamLyricsMelodyStrummedPicked3/2014 
 Lynchburg TownLyricsMelodyStrummed 4/1990 
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  Song Title Lyrics MP3 Recordings Quarter  
 Madam, I Have Gold & SilverLyricsMelodyStrummedPicked2/1990 
 Maggots in the Sheep Hide MelodyStrummedFast3/2012 
 Magpie's Nest MelodyStrummed 1/2001 
 Mallebrok MelodyStrummedPicked3/2013 
 Las Mañanitas del Rey David    Feliz cumpleaños!LyricsMelodyStrummedPicked3/2002 
 Many Thousand GoLyricsMelodyStrummed 3/1996 
 Ma'oz Tzur    Powerful Hanukkah songLyricsMelodyStrummedPicked4/2009 
 Margaret Ann Roberston MelodyStrummedPicked4/1994 
 Married to a MermaidLyricsMelodyStrummedPicked3/2017 
 Mary HamiltonLyricsMelodyStrummedPicked2/2004 
 Maypole Dance MelodyStrummed 2/2003 
 Michael Turner's Waltz    Pretty waltz MelodyStrummedPicked1/2016 
 Miss Thompson (Just melody - was for HD) Melody  3/1993 
 Miss Welch MelodyStrummed 1/2000 
 Mississippi Sawyer (Simplified) MelodyStrummed 2/1995 
 Mississippi Sawyer (Complete) MelodyStrummed 2/1995 
 Mister RabbitLyricsMelodyStrummed 4/2008 
 MoheeLyricsMelodyStrummed 4/2011 
 MoonshineLyricsMelodyStrummed 4/2007 
 More Pretty Girls Than OneLyricsMelodyStrummed 4/1992 
 Morning Comes EarlyLyricsMelodyStrummed 3/2002 
 Morning Has BrokenLyricsMelodyStrummedPicked3/2002 
 A Morning SongLyricsMelodyStrummedPicked3/2002 
 Mowing the Barley MelodyStrummed 3/1995 
 My Faith Looks Up To TheeLyricsMelodyStrummedPicked3/1999 
 My Love Is A RiderLyricsMelodyStrummed 3/2004 
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  Song Title Lyrics MP3 Recordings Quarter  
 New River TrainLyricsMelodyStrummed 2/1995 
 The NightingaleLyricsMelodyStrummed 1/1997 
 Nkosi Sikelel' iAfrikaLyricsMelodyStrummedPicked3/2014 
 No, SirLyricsMelodyStrummed 2/1996 
 Now Nature Hangs Her Mantle GreenLyricsMelodyStrummedPicked3/2016 
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  Song Title Lyrics MP3 Recordings Quarter  
 O Come, Little Children MelodyStrummedPicked4/1991 
 O For A Thousand TonguesLyricsMelodyStrummedPicked4/2008 
 O God Beneath Thy Guiding HandLyricsMelodyStrummedPicked2/2015 
 Oh, How Lovely Is The EveningLyricsMelodyStrummedPicked2/2014 
 Oh, No, JohnLyricsMelodyStrummedPicked3/2015 
 Old Joe ClarkLyricsMelodyStrummed 2/1991 
 The Old Man and the DoorLyricsMelodyStrummed 1/2004 
 Old Molly HareLyricsMelodyStrummed 3/2011 
 Old North State MelodyStrummed 4/1997 
 Old WomanLyricsMelodyStrummed 1/1997 
 The Old Woman and the Little PigLyricsMelodyStrummed 3/2010 
 Omega MelodyStrummedPicked2/1996 
 Omie WiseLyricsMelodyStrummedPicked3/2015 
 On The BalticLyricsMelodyStrummed 4/1996 
 On Top Of Old SmokyLyricsMelodyStrummedPicked2/1991 
 Once / Pa'am Achat MelodyStrummed 1/1991 
 Once I Loved a Maiden FairLyricsMelodyStrummedPicked2/2010 
 One More RiverLyricsMelodyStrummedPicked2/2013 
 Our Ship She Lies in HarbourLyricsMelodyStrummedPicked1/2018 
 Over In The MeadowLyricsMelodyStrummedFast2/2010 
 Oxen SongLyricsMelodyStrummedPicked1/2008 
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  Song Title Lyrics MP3 Recordings Quarter  
 Pa'am Achat / Once MelodyStrummed 1/1991 
 Pale MoonlightLyricsMelodyStrummed 4/1998 
 Pap's Old Billy GoatLyricsMelodyStrummed 1/1996 
 Patrick SpenserLyricsMelodyStrummedPicked2/2015 
 Paul's Little HenLyricsMelodyStrummed 1/2010 
 Pay Me My Money DownLyricsMelodyStrummedPicked2/2014 
 Piri-miri-dictum DominiLyricsMelodyStrummed 4/1995 
 Poland Will Not Be Lost MelodyStrummed 3/1999 
 Poor Howard's Dead and GoneLyricsMelodyStrummedFast2/2014 
 Poor Married ManLyricsMelodyStrummedPicked2/1990 
 The Poor Working GirlLyricsMelodyStrummed 2/1998 
 Putting On The StyleLyricsMelodyStrummed 4/2004 
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  Song Title Lyrics MP3 Recordings Quarter  
 The Quaker's CourtshipLyricsMelodyStrummed 2/2002 
 Queensland MatildaLyricsMelodyStrummed 2/2002 
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  Song Title Lyrics MP3 Recordings Quarter  
 Railroad BillLyricsMelodyStrummedFast3/2016 
 A Railroader For MeLyricsMelodyStrummed 2/1993 
 The Rakes of Mallow MelodyStrummed 1/2002 
 Red Light SaloonLyricsMelodyStrummedPicked4/2016 
 Reel of Tullochgorum    Fun fast tune MelodyStrummedFast1/2017 
 Reuben Ranzo MelodyStrummed 2/2005 
 Riding In The Buggy, Miss Mary JaneLyricsMelodyStrummed 1/2003 
 Ring, Ring The BanjoLyricsMelodyStrummed 3/2008 
 Robin Hood and Little JohnLyricsMelodyStrummed 4/2005 
 Roll on the GroundLyricsMelodyStrummedFast4/2017 
 Romanze MelodyStrummed 1/1998 
 Root Hog Or DieLyricsMelodyStrummed 3/2009 
 'Round The Bay Of MexicoLyricsMelodyStrummed 2/2006 
 Run Mountain MelodyStrummed 4/1990 
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  Song Title Lyrics MP3 Recordings Quarter  
 Sailing in the BoatLyricsMelodyStrummedPicked4/2011 
 Sailor On The SeaLyricsMelodyStrummedPicked4/2010 
 Sally Ann MelodyStrummed 4/1990 
 Sally, Let Your Bangs Hang DownLyricsMelodyStrummed 1/2007 
 Salty DogLyricsMelodyStrummedFast4/2014 
 SamiotisaLyricsMelodyStrummed 2/2009 
 SantyLyricsMelodyStrummed 3/2007 
 Sarasponda MelodyStrummed 4/2001 
 Schlof, BobeliLyricsMelodyStrummed 2/2000 
 Scraping Up Sand at the Bottom of the Sea MelodyStrummed 2/2005 
 Señora SantanaLyricsMelodyStrummedPicked2/2011 
 Seven Blessings of MaryLyricsMelodyStrummedPicked4/2001 
 She Is Far From The Land MelodyStrummedPicked1/2000 
 Sheep Fast Asleep    Pretty Christmas tuneLyricsMelodyStrummedPicked4/2008 
 Shoot the BuffaloLyricsMelodyStrummed 2/2008 
 Sir DonkeyLyricsMelodyStrummedPicked4/2016 
 The Snouts and Ears of America MelodyStrummedFast3/2012 
 Soir et Matin (Just melody - was for HD) Melody  3/1994 
 Somebody's Tall and HandsomeLyricsMelodyStrummed 3/2006 
 Song Before ChristmasLyricsMelodyStrummedPicked4/2010 
 Sonny's Mazurka MelodyStrummed 4/1996 
 Sorghum Syrup MelodyStrummed 3/1990 
 Southwind MelodyStrummedPicked2/2001 
 Spanish Is The Loving TongueLyricsMelodyStrummedPicked2/2000 
 The Speckled FishLyricsMelodyStrummedPicked3/2007 
 Spotted Pony MelodyStrummed 2/2001 
 Squid-Jigging GroundLyricsMelodyStrummedPicked4/2010 
 Storms Are On The OceanLyricsMelodyStrummedPicked3/1993 
 Sugar Hill MelodyStrummedFast4/2017 
 Sunny Italy MelodyStrummedPicked4/2006 
 Suo Gan MelodyStrummedPicked4/1994 
 Suomi MelodyStrummedFast4/2013 
 Svetit Svetel Mesyats/The Young Moon is Rising    Russian drinking song MelodyStrummedFast1/2016 
 Sweet Betsy From PikeLyricsMelodyStrummedPicked4/1991 
 Sweet Hour Of Prayer MelodyStrummedPicked3/1991 
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  Song Title Lyrics MP3 Recordings Quarter  
 Tell Poor Lou I'm GoneLyricsMelodyStrummedPicked1/2012 
 The TenderfootLyricsMelodyStrummedPicked2/2007 
 The Texas RangersLyricsMelodyStrummedPicked2/2016 
 The Tex-i-an BoysLyricsMelodyStrummed 2/1993 
 These Things Shall BeLyricsMelodyStrummed 2/1997 
 This Is My Father's WorldLyricsMelodyStrummedPicked1/2013 
 This Lady She Wears a Dark Green ShawlLyricsMelodyStrummed 3/2001 
 Time / Amser MelodyStrummedPicked3/1992 
 Tu Scendi Dalle StelleLyricsMelodyStrummedPicked4/2015 
 Turtle DoveLyricsMelodyStrummedPicked3/2001 
 The Two SistersLyricsMelodyStrummed 1/2006 
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  Song Title Lyrics MP3 Recordings Quarter  
 The Ulster Blossom MelodyStrummed 1/2006 
 Un Kilomètre à PiedLyricsMelodyStrummed 2/2012 
 Union TrainLyricsMelodyStrummed 2/2000 
 The Unquiet GraveLyricsMelodyStrummedPicked4/2004 
 Unto Us A Boy Is BornLyricsMelodyStrummedPicked4/1999 
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  Song Title Lyrics MP3 Recordings Quarter  
 The Vicar of BrayLyricsMelodyStrummedPicked1/2011 
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  Song Title Lyrics MP3 Recordings Quarter  
 Walk Along, JohnLyricsMelodyStrummed 4/2012 
 Walkin' in the Parlor    Fun fast tune MelodyStrummedFast3/2005 
 Wanderin'LyricsMelodyStrummed 4/2000 
 The Water Is WideLyricsMelodyStrummedPicked2/1997 
 WaterboundLyricsMelodyStrummed 2/1995 
 What Did You Have For Your Supper? (Jimmy Randall, My Son)LyricsMelodyStrummed 1/2003 
 What Grace, O Lord, and Beauty ShoneLyricsMelodyStrummedPicked2/2017 
 What's Little Babies Made OfLyricsMelodyStrummedPicked3/2010 
 When Christmas Morn Is DawningLyricsMelodyStrummedPicked4/2004 
 When He ComethLyricsMelodyStrummedPicked3/2000 
 When You Go A-CourtinLyricsMelodyStrummedFast1/2014 
 Whiskey Before Breakfast MelodyStrummed 2/2001 
 Who's Gonna Shoe Your Pretty Little FootLyricsMelodyStrummedPicked3/1990 
 Wildwood Flower MelodyStrummed 3/1991 
 William TaylorLyricsMelodyStrummedPicked1/2004 
 Willie O'WinsburyLyricsMelodyStrummedPicked1/1997 
 The Willow TreeLyricsMelodyStrummedPicked1/2005 
 The Winter It Is PastLyricsMelodyStrummedPicked2/1999 
 Wish I Was In TennesseeLyricsMelodyStrummed 3/1996 
 Wondrous Love - D-A-AA MelodyStrummedPicked3/1990 
 Wondrous Love - D-A-dd MelodyStrummedPicked3/1990 
 Wu Ya, Wu Ya (Song of the Crow) MelodyStrummedPicked1/2002 
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  Song Title Lyrics MP3 Recordings Quarter  
 You Don't Want To Love MeLyricsMelodyStrummedPicked2/2012 
 Young CharlotteLyricsMelodyStrummedPicked1/2004 
 Young Prince Of SpainLyricsMelodyStrummedPicked4/2007